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Super Monkey Ball Touch & Roll is the third Super Monkey Ball game featured on a handheld (The first being Super Monkey Ball Jr. for the Game Boy Advance, the second being Super Monkey Ball for the Nokia N-Gage) and the first for the Nintendo DS. It uses the DS's touch screen as the primary controller for maneuvering the monkey around the level, although D-pad control is also supported. As in previous Super Monkey Ball games, the object is to roll a monkey from the start of a level to the finish line within an allotted time limit. Along the way the monkey collects bananas and banana bunches, worth five bananas, for the chance to gain an extra life, which is after getting ten bananas. Characters present include AiAi, MeeMee, Baby, and GonGon. Super Monkey Ball Touch & Roll has two different sections. Party games, and Main game. There are six party games such as race, war, bowling, air hockey, golf, and fight which is different than war. Main game has a Challenge Mode which you can try to beat the game, or Practice Mode. There are 12 worlds in total, including worlds 11 and 12 which are unlockable.

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