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Police 911, called The Keisatsukan (ザ・警察官) in Japan and Police 24/7 in Europe, is a series of light gun shooter arcade games. Konami released the first game in 2000. Unlike earlier light gun games, the game was unique for its motion sensing technology, sensing body movement rather than requiring the player to move individual controls; the player's "real world" actions are reflected by the player character within the game. It also featured a unique cover system, where the player takes cover by physically ducking for cover rather than pressing a button. The 2001 Konami arcade game MoCap Boxing used similar motion-sensing technology. Although the game was a separate canon from the Lethal Enforcers series, Konami acknowledged Lethal Enforcers 3 as the successor to the Police 911 series, thus making it a canon in the Lethal Enforcers series.

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