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Pixel Force: Left 4 Dead is a fan-made 8-bit demake of Valve Corporation's 2008 first person shooter Left 4 Dead. The game was developed by US-based indie developer Eric Ruth Games and released as freeware on January 4, 2010. Like its basis game, Pixel Force: Left 4 Dead allows players to play as one or two of the four survivors: Bill, a Vietnam veteran; Francis, a biker; Louis, an office worker; and Zoey, an aspiring film director. It is an overhead shooter, and is described as a combination of Ikari Warriors and Fester's Quest by Destructoid. It is the first of the Pixel Remix series; since its release, Ruth has developed Pixel Force: Halo and Pixel Force: DJ Hero. It was met with mixed reception to the trailer; while some found the designs of the characters to be cute, others thought that the low number of zombies shown in the trailer was not in keeping with Left 4 Dead.

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