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Mai-HiME: Unmei no Keitouju (舞-HiME 運命の系統樹?, Mai-HiME: The Genealogical Tree of Fate) is a visual novel published by Sunrise Interactive. Only weeks after Sunrise's My-HiME anime series started airing in Japan, a game of the series was already announced. Marvelous Interactive is behind this game for PlayStation 2. A PC version named Mai-HiME: Unmei no Keitouju - Shura was released on June 30, 2006 by CIRCUS. The adventure game is set in the Kazehana Gakuen, which is protected by the "Hime" of the title. The Tree of Fate in the title points to the fact that the game provides a different view and perspective in the Mai-Hime world than that of the anime series. Character designs are not the same as the ones in the anime series. The game also features an ending different from the anime series.

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