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HQ (also HQ Trivia or HQ Live Trivia) is an app and trivia game, released in 2017 on iOS and released on Android in December 2017. HQ was created by Vine creators Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll and its primary host is Scott Rogowsky. The app takes the form of a live game show, played at 9 PM Eastern Time every day, and 3 PM on weekdays. The host of the show asks a series of twelve multiple choice questions, each with three possible answers. Those players who get the question correct within the 10 second limit move on, the rest are eliminated. Any question that eliminates a large number of players is deemed a "savage question" by Scott. The players that correctly answer the final question split the prize money. This prize is currently $2,000 for most games, but it has been as high as $18,000. The creators have stated that they plan to someday increase it to $1,000,000. HQ has now expanded to the UK, which means that it is currently in two countries. The iOS app has experienced many technical glitches as the app has grown in popularity, sparking outrage from players worldwide.

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