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Cocoto Magic Circus, known as Cocoto Funfair in Europe, is a 2006 shoot 'em up video game released by Neko Entertainment. The game was only released in the PAL region. It is of note that the PlayStation 2 version of Cocoto Funfair is the only PlayStation 2 light gun game that does not support the GunCon 2 peripheral, as it only supports the original GunCon (G-Con 45.) A Wii version was released on February 27, 2008. This version was released in North America and Australia. A Wii U sequel Cocoto Magic Circus 2 was released on December 26, 2013. Up to 4 players can compete with each other in 40 different minigames. Characters Cocoto: One of the game's main Protagonists, the red creature of the group. Neuro: One of Cocoto's Sidekicks, The blue creature who wears glasses. Baggy: Cocoto's big sidekick, the green guy in the group. Shiny: Cocoto's final sidekick, the pink female who wears caveman style clothing. Fairy: The game's damsel in distress. She is captured by the game's antagonist. Clown: The game's main antagonist. He wears a black coat, red shoes, a striped T-shirt and a white and red face. Minigames Free fairy: This minigame involves shooting enemies into the thing that will help to release fairy. But, like in Super Mario Land, when you free her, she will be revealed to be an enemy in disguise. Protect Fairy: This minigame is about shooting the enemies before they reach Fairy. Once they defeat all the enemies, the Fairy will fly around, only to get grabbed by the clown. Fightback: This minigame involves the character the player is using and an enemy. They must shoot an object back into the enemy. When the time runs out, the object will explode and whoever it's nearer to will be defeated.

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