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Chronotron is a Flash video game developed by Scarybug Games. Chronotron launched on the Kongregate website in May 2008. It is notable for having been selected as one of ten games in the PAX 10 2008 out of over eighty entries. It has been described as innovative. The protagonist is a robot named Chronotron who travels back in time to cooperate with himself. The main character must fetch an item before moving to the next room. Solving the puzzles requires sending the main character back in time to coordinate with previous selves. The gameplay requires thinking ahead. Chronotron records the control input, not the protagonist's position. As a result, actions by later selves can interfere with earlier selves. A number of web sites have licensed Chronotron, including Kongregate and MTV's AddictingGames. It was featured on the front page of Kongregate. The game appears on over 2,000 web sites and has been played more than seven million times. The developer splits advertising revenue evenly with Kongregate and has made more than $1,000. The developer has made nearly $15,000 in profits from the game.

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