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Cherry Petals Fall Like Teardrops (それは舞い散る桜のように, Sore wa Maichiru Sakura no Yōni) is the third and last game developed by eroge maker BasiL, after their second installment 21-Two One-, before dissolving into what is now Navel. The game was released as a DVD ROM on August 9, 2002. The characters were designed and drawn by Aoi Nishimata. A comic anthology entitled Sore wa Maichiru Sakura no Yōni Anthology Comic, has been published by Enterbrain under their Majikyu Comics imprint, and drawn by multiple artists. The single tankōbon volume was published on December 28, 2002. Three light novels based on the game have been published by Harvest, written by Nikaido Kageyama, and illustrated by Aoi Nishimata, the main artist of the game. The first light novel volume was published on June 1, 2003, and the last was published on August 1, 2003. Other media such as visual fan books, drama CDs, and music CDs have also been produced.

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