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Chee-Chai Alien (ちっちゃいエイリアン, Chitchai Eirian, Tiny Alien) is a video game developed by Creatures, Inc. and released on the Game Boy Color exclusively in Japan on February 27, 2001. It utilizes the Game Boy Color's infrared port and has a built-in rumble feature. It is compatible with the Game Boy Printer. Players use the infrared sensor on the Game Boy Color to find artificial light sources, to which the Game Pak responds by rumbling. The game comes with a "spectrum communicator", which enhances the sensitivity of the infrared sensor. It was succeeded by the Game Boy Advance game Nonono Puzzle Chalien, from which one of the minigames was spun off as the DSiWare title Spin Six. Spin Six is the only one of the three to be released outside Japan.

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