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Chaos Wars (カオスウォーズ, Kaosu Wōzu) is a tactical role-playing video game released by Idea Factory for the PlayStation 2 in Japan on September 21, 2006. Promotional art for the game is by Kinu Nishimura. The game's opening theme "Shūtan no Ou to Isekai no Kishi ~The Endia & The Knights~" was done by Sound Horizon. In North America, the game was released on June 3, 2008 as a GameStop exclusive. Chaos Wars is a crossover between several companies' role-playing video game series, including Aruze's Shadow Hearts (series), Atlus's Growlanser, Idea Factory's Blazing Souls, Spectral Souls: Resurrection of the Ethereal Empires, and RED Entertainment's Gungrave and Code of the Samurai. Chaos Wars has become a cult classic because of the poor voice acting in the English localization of the game. Due to the voice actors sharing last names with members of the publishing team, it's believed they were relatives of the team.

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