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Castlevania: Circle of the Moon (Japanese: 悪魔城ドラキュラ Circle of the Moon, Hepburn: Akumajō Dorakyura: Sākuru obu za Mūn, Devil's Castle Dracula: Circle of the Moon), known simply as Castlevania in the PAL region, is a video game created by Konami only for the Game Boy Advance. Published as a launch title in 2001, Circle of the Moon belongs to Konami's Castlevania video game series, the premise of which centers on the eternal conflict between the vampire hunters of the Belmont clan and the immortal vampire Dracula. Circle of the Moon focuses on Nathan Graves and his quest to rescue his kidnapped mentor from Dracula. It is the last Castlevania game to use the series' original logo, which had been longstanding in all prior games for the past fifteen years.

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