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Buzz!: Quiz TV (developed under the working title Buzz! PS3), developed by Relentless Software and Sleepydog, is the seventh game in the Buzz! series of quiz games and the first to appear on the PlayStation 3 console. It debuts new wireless Buzz! controllers, as well as new game rounds. It is the first Buzz! game to feature user created content and online play. Buzz! Quiz TV was one of the first games to support the PlayStation 3 trophy system, and the first online game to support the feature. The game is available in a game only (Solus) version or in a bundle which includes 4 of the new wireless Buzz! Buzzers, a USB dongle for wireless connectivity (each dongle can connect 4 buzzers to the PlayStation 2 or PlayStation 3). An updated version of Quiz TV has been announced. Buzz!: Quiz TV - Special Edition will comprise the already released updates plus some of the question packs that were available via the PlayStation Store. Buzz!: Quiz TV fully supports Game Launching in PlayStation Home as of September 10, 2009.

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