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BotFighters is a location-based mobile game and a pervasive game developed by It's Alive! (a wholly owned subsidiary of Digiment) designed to be a MMORPG played in an urban environment. It was possibly the world's first commercial location-based game. It was first released in Sweden in 2001, and later in Russia, Finland, Ireland and China. In 2002, it was awarded with an Award of Distinction, Net Vision category in the Prix Ars Electronica. The mission of the game was to locate and destroy other players. Each player was represented in the game as a robot warrior. Successful battles were rewarded with money which could be traded in, via a website, for armor upgrades and other features for the player's robot. The game was temporally expansive, because there were no safe zones or timeouts; players were always playing. The likeness of the game has been compared to that of Paintball.

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