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Bomberman Jetters (ボンバーマン ジェッターズ, Bonbāman Jettāzu) is a video game for the Nintendo GameCube and PlayStation 2 systems; only the GameCube version was released in North America. It is an adaptation of the anime series Bomberman Jetters which was based on the Bomberman game series. This is the second Bomberman title licensed under Majesco Entertainment. It was released in Japan in 2002 and in North America in 2004. The PlayStation 2 version does not use cel-shaded graphics, while the North American GameCube version continues to use cel-shading, just like the previous game in the series, Bomberman Generation. The opening theme to the game uses footage from the Japanese opening to the Jetters anime series, but the Japanese theme song "Boku wa Gakeppuchi" was replaced with a rock instrumental in the North American version.

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