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Blueprint 3D is a puzzle video game for iOS mobile devices, developed by FDG Entertainment and published in November 2011. The object of the game is to rotate a seemingly random jumble of dots and lines in three dimensions until they resolve into a blueprint, a line drawing of an object. The player's score for each of the 240 levels is calculated based on the time needed to solve the puzzle. Critics reviewed Blueprint 3D favorably. Review aggregator Metacritic calculated an average score of 90% from six reviews as of 18 November 2011, which the site rates as "universal acclaim". The game's originality was particularly praised.

To download a Blueprint 3D Wallpaper, right-click on the image and save it to your computer. If you're using a smartphone and would like to download a wallpaper, press on the image until a menu pops up. From there, select Save Image.

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