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Bloody Fun Day is a puzzle Flash game developed by Urban Squall and published by Kongregate on March 12, 2009. Players control one of a family of three grim reapers and are tasked with moving around an island of hexagonal tiles, killing creatures called Cuties in order to replenish their own life force. Cuties come in four colors. Only the red ones restore life; the others charge special abilities that give the player more ways to kill further Cuties. The game was initially developed as a demo by Urban Squall during the group's annual development meeting, in a San Diego hotel during November 2008. The demo was further tested after the five-day meeting, resulting in the complete game being released during March. The game's theme was inspired by the short story Everything Can Be Beaten by Jhonen Vasquez, which features a monster that clubs animals to death and is unable to interact with them in any other way. Critics praised the game's concept, gameplay and addictiveness. The intensity of trying to keep the reaper alive was highlighted by some reviewers, such as saving the reaper's life by killing a large number of Cuties. Some issues, such as the lack of special effects and enemies, were highlighted; this did not prevent reviewers from rating the game positively overall.

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