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BCT Commander is a computer wargame developed by ProSIM Company and published by Shrapnel Games. The lead developer was ProSIM Company founder, Pat Proctor. It is a modern combat simulator and includes scenarios ranging from the 1973 October War to near-future scenarios in Cuba. This game began life was BCT: Brigade Combat Team, published online, independently by ProSIM Company in 1998. It was picked up by Shrapnel Games in 2000 and spawned the follow-on products, BCT Expansion Pack 1 & 2 and BCT Construction Kit. Just before the roll out of ProSIM's second generation engine, Armored Task Force, the game and all of its expansions were repackaged as a single product and, along with a number of upgrades, renamed BCT Commander. The game was also, for the first time, sold as a physical product rather than as a download.

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