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Battle of Britain II: Wings of Victory is a Windows-based flight simulation created by Shockwave Productions, Inc. (currently known as A2A Simulations) and released in 2005. It is a remake of Rowan's Battle of Britain combat flight simulation by Empire Interactive. The aerial combat is drawn from the Battle of Britain during the Second World War and features the British RAF versus the German Luftwaffe. Battle of Britain II can be played either as a flight simulator or as a strategy game, or both combined. It allows the player to assume the role of pilot in the flight simulator, and/or the Commander of the Air Force - managing tactics in the strategy game. The player can choose either side, the RAF or the Luftwaffe. Changes from Rowan's original BoB title include an extensive graphics overhaul, gameplay tweaks and numerous new features. Its broad scope includes hundreds of warplanes and huge aerial raids and battles in the air. The simulation has realistic AA fire, radio traffic, and in-game ambiance that includes military forces on the ground. The 3D terrain of northern France and southern Britain is 740 km on a side, extending from Liverpool to Reims. Due to the high level of detail and historical accuracy, the flight sim developers term Battle of Britain II: Wings of Victory their "time machine". The flight simulation engine (code) used in this product is called the "Merlin" engine, which is an advanced proprietary Air-Combat computer game engine designed by A2A Simulations and first released in their Battle of Britain II: Wings of Victory title. A2A Simulations Forum announced a sequel to be called Flying Tigers but no firm dates have been set for release yet. As of February 2008 it was still considered to be in development. A modified version of the game with arcade-style gameplay was published by Wild Hare Entertainment under the title Air Battles: Sky Defender in 2007. It offers less emphasis on historical realism and more emphasis on gameplay for the novice gameplayer looking for a Battle of Britain experience.

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