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Babel Rising is a video game developed by Mando Productions and produced by Michel Bams and Olivier Fontenay. An arcade game with short levels, the 2D version of the game was first published in 2009 and in 3D in 2012. Babel Rising 3D was published with Xbox achievements for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 in October 2013. The storyline is based on the legend of the Tower of Babel, where God unleashes his wrath and powers against pagans who endeavor to build a tower to reach him. The goal is to stop them from ever reaching the skies. The player impersonates God and uses her/his powers to destroy the workers or the tower they are trying to build. Often praised by reviewers for its high quality graphics, Babel Rising rapidly meets its audience and, as of now, has brought together a community of close to four million players. Improvements are regularly put forth and a spinoff, Babel Running, was released in 2012.

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