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Atari Anniversary Edition is a collection of classic Atari coin-op games, and was released in July 2, 2001 on the Dreamcast, PlayStation, and PC, and in 2002 on the Game Boy Advance. The PlayStation release was in 2001 with the title Atari Anniversary Edition Redux, and it has a slightly altered game list. On the PC, earlier titles were Atari Arcade Hits 1, released in 1999, Atari Arcade Hits 2, released in 2000, and Atari Greatest Hits, also released in 2000. Atari Greatest Hits was basically both volumes of Atari Arcade Hits packaged together as a 2-CD set. In 2001, this set was re-packaged in a single CD under the Atari Anniversary Edition title. These releases make the original Microsoft Arcade obsolete. The Game Boy Advance version, whose title is Atari Anniversary Advance, marked the debut of classic arcade emulation on the Game Boy Advance.

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