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Trailers : Modern Warfare 2

So Trailers got me hook on this games story line so I figured I would share here all the trailers I have seen.

The latest one I have scene with a music by eminem.


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2009-11-06 10:45:20
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Sneak Peak: Razar Mamba

I recieved an interesting email today from Razar and a new product they are going to be releasing soon. A gaming grade wireless mouse. I know a lot of you none tech people are asking what the difference between theirs and the competition is, to put it bluntly, razar has found a way to speed up the communication between the mouse and the computer. Normal wireless mouses have a delay, no a long one, but a delay. The other great thing with this mouse, you can still use it as a wired mouse. They claim that you lose no time in switching but I find that hard to believe. The other cool feature, for all you tech/lan players, it has a better onboard memory system so you can bring all your personal settings to lan parties or program a macro to enhance your WOW experience.

In the end, this mouse looks promising but the price is high at 129.99. If you are in the market and want a nice wireless gaming mouse, check this out at [url][/url]

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2009-01-11 11:29:00
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Review: Left 4 Dead

Moose has asked me to look at a demo which has been on my GAMEDAR for a while now, Left 4 Dead. This game caught my eye when I first saw it in PCGAMER back in the Christmas of 2006. Even then the idea of a zombie survival game, which used 4 player co-op to fight through a campaign of zombies sounded like a very interesting concept to me.

The idea of Left 4 Dead is as follows, you are a in a team of 4 “survivors” who have to fight through a campaign, which consists of zombies, fast zombies, fat zombies, and creepy zombies. These zombies are controlled by an AI director. This sits there and monitors how the players are doing. If you’re getting hammered and killed and are all on low health, it will slow down on the number of zombies, or send slower ones at you. Don’t let this lull you into a false sense of security though, this game gets tough, the first few times I played through it the zombie wiped out my team.

Now onto the zombies, the zombies take the form of the zombies from films such as 28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later or Day of Dead. These aren’t the slow zombies that just kind of groan around after you, these are the zombies which will chase after you arms flying at you. The zombies also show a surprising amount of variation you won’t just find the zombies stood round, some will be leaning against things, and some will be ready to pounce on you. This makes the game all so much more interesting.

A zombie getting blown back

As well as your bog standard zombies, there are also some “special” zombies. These will scare the poop out of you and usually come out of nowhere; they’ll tear down walls and whatever they can to feast on your brain. There are 5 types of these zombies:
[*]The Boomer – This guy is a massive fat zombie, whose main attack is projectile vomit and this guy will explode leaving you with green vomit running down your screen. Oh and his vomit attracts more of the infected, just what you need when you can’t see.
[*]The Smoker – This one has a massive tongue, think of them ceiling tongue things from the Half Life series. He’ll grab hold of you with his tongue, and will emit smoke so your friends have trouble shooting him to free you.
[*]The Hunter – This guy is fast, and I mean fast. He’ll climb walls and whatever he needs to get to you. When he finds you he jumps on you, and one of your friends will have to push him off you or you’ll be dead.
[*]The Witch – This one will make you crap your pants. You’ll know when she’s around you hear the sound of children. If you shine your light on her, or shoot at her when she’s close to you she’ll take you out. One hit from her and your down.
[*]The Tank – Finally this is the biggest zombie, this guy will pick up bits of walls to throw at you. Think the un-dead version of the incredible hulk.
So that the zombies covered.

The co-op mechanic of this game is amazing. You really feel like you’re a team, this is re-enforced by the times when you need help from your team members to survive. If the zombies do finally kill you you’ll be on your back on the floor with on the pistol shooting at zombies while your team tries to get to you to save your life. It’s thrilling.

Where you start in the demo
The full game is going to be set in a variety of different settings but for the demo we are restricted to the apartment and subway area of the No Mercy hospital level.
Apart from the co-op game mode there will also be a versus mode. This will pit the zombies against the humans, but this isn’t included in the demo, so I can’t say much about it.

Now onto my criticisms, for the game VALVe has begun using a new matchmaking system, and has left the old server browser behind. This has left a lot of people angered, particularly when the matchmaking system kind of broke when it came out. They’ve been swift on the patches though, and are obviously working hard to get it fixed.

A load of zombies hungry for brains

So to sum up this game is amazing, the AI really does just work, each time you play the game it’s different and challenging each time. The co-op is brilliant and when it works it works well. Apart from the few issues with matchmaking which they seem to be working on this game is near perfect. Well worth the $45 it is currently. But if you are unsure about spending that money, there’s going to be an open demo on the 11th so you should definitely try it out then.

A few more zombies

Thank you for Reading.
Happy hunting.

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2008-11-09 11:05:40
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Preview: COD 5: World at War

Recently, I had asked Windywoo to give a preview of the new game Call of Duty 5: World at War. Below is his wonderful review and some sneak peek screen shots from in game action.

Moose has asked me to expand on my forum posts to write a preview of the COD5 beta so that you can all get a better idea of what its like. My forum posts have been pretty negative but for this preview I will try to stick to the facts as much as possible in the interests of education.

Call of Duty World at War has been described by some beta testers as a World War 2 mod for Call of Duty 4 and they are not far wrong. The graphic engine is the same, the gameplay is largely the same and the whole unlocking perks and weapons thing has been retained for this game. It worked for them in CoD4 I suppose so why change a winning formula? World at War will appeal to people who liked CoD4 gameplay but perhaps are more interested in World War 2, or who feel they have seen all CoD4 had to offer but want more with a new twist.

For anyone who has already played CoD4 World at War does offer some new features. There is a new multiplayer game mode alongside the ones brought over from CoD4 (i.e. Domination, Team Deatmatch, Free For All, Sabotage, Search and Destroy and HQ). The new mode is called War and is quite similar to Domination but with the twist that the flags
must be captured in a set order. Both teams start holding two flags while a central one is unclaimed. Claiming this
unlocks the next flag and both sides must fight over this flag just as they did the first. In this mode, it is possible to gain momentum, which basically means you cap the flags 2 or 3 times faster. I am not entirely sure how this momentum is gained, it seemed to be unlocked by killing a certain number of the enemy but it could have been because my team held a certain number of flags for a length of time.

As far as I can see all the old COD4 perks have been retained, even the hated ones like Martyrdom, Juggernaut and Last Stand. Some have been renamed, e.g. Last Stand has become Second Chance and UAV Jammer is now camouflage. I have not unlocked all the perks but I have noticed some new ones for example a gas mask which prevents disorientation from gas grenades and Last Stand which despite being an old name is now the ability to revive dead players. Presumably this is on players who have Second Chance.

Entirely new to CoD WaW are vehicles. These are not computer controlled like the CoD4 helicopters, instead players can get inside them and drive or control the machine gun. I've actually only seen a tank in the beta but I presume there will be more in the full game. To go along with the vehicles, players can unlock vehicle perks such as a faster moving turret or cooling for the machinegun.

From what I have described you might be thinking that this sounds like a fun game and really I suppose at their core the COD games have some great ideas and potential for exciting scenarios. However, I am now going to stray from my impartial conveyance of information, as I feel I have covered the features of the game and want to explain how these good ideas turn into a huge clusterfuck of noobness.

The biggest failing in my opinion has to be the maps. In beta there are only 3 maps so perhaps full version will change my mind, but the 3 that I have played are small and either full of chokes or so open that you will be shot by a camper as you cross open ground to an objective. The War gameplay that sounds like it should be a basis for teamwork turns into nadespam and camping. Anyone who goes for an objective will be grenaded or mowed down by a camper. Vehicles are ridiculous, unkillable by small arms, only destroyable by explosives or bazookas. Helicopters from CoD4 have been replaced by attack dogs which manage to be even more annoying since there are more of them, they move faster, they are hard to see and you will often be shot by another player as you try to fend off a dog. Airstrikes were stupid in CoD4 because they enabled a player to wipeout an entire spawn wave in Search and Destroy or make a planted bomb undefusable. In WaW they have been replaced by artillery which lasts longer and seems to cover a wider area too. Where are the rewards for capturing objectives? Why don't I get attack dogs for 3 flag caps that took me so bloody long to get, dodging campers and running from one end of the map to the other? The game fails too in weapon balance. Autos pwn rifles because rifles damage is not high enough. If you are using a bolt action, you will fire a shot into someone only to see that he doesn't die and turns and sprays you before you can fire a second shot. Autos are accurate even at range, so there is little point in using a bolt action. Machine Guns are also largely pointless because a sub machinegun will pwn you just as fast and the player can attach a mini scope to a sub. Perhaps I will unlock a mini-scope for my machinegun but I have been killing a lot with it now and only have a bipod to show for it. Noob tubing is back and now its called rifle grenades. Want to one shot 3 people at once? Attach a rifle grenade and laugh as you skillessly fire it at their feet hardly bothering to aim. Spawning is only one step away from random. You are supposed to spawn in an area which your team controls, but its possible for you to spawn in one section and be killed from behind by an enemy who spawned in the same place 10 seconds later.

There are technical issues as well such as bad network code. Very often I will be killed by someone and Killcam will show that person shooting at me from where I was actually facing. They weren't visible on my screen so I can only conclude that its lag or the camouflage perk doing its job better than it was supposed to. Could be dodgey beta servers but I had this problem in CoD4 too. My FPS is lower in WaW than CoD4 but I will probably be able to fix this when they enable shader model 2.

In conclusion it seems they have turned what could have been a fun and interesting game into a spamfest for console
tards. Its STUPID that whatever faction you choose you can use the same weapons. Its STUPID that a player can unleash attack dogs and get kills without any skill, and it is only rewarding someone who did not need further reward. If they are a good enough player to get lots of kills in a row, let them get their own kills, don't let them have dogs to do it for them. With bigger maps, or smaller teams the game could be fun, noob perks aside. However when you want to up the player count to feel more like a war than a skirmish the game falls on its behind. It does not scale well from the small console games to the bigger dedicated PC servers.

I really hope that the beta feedback will lead to changes to the game, but if they can take all the feedback from CoD4 and still leave perks like Martyrdom and Juggernaut in the game, I hold little hope that they will see sense and tune down the Attention Deficit Disorder twitchiness and up the tactical factor.

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2008-11-06 13:36:02
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Steel series launches a new Key board

Chicago, U.S.A. -- May 5, 2008 -- The leading manufacturer of innovative professional gaming gear, SteelSeries, today announced the U.S. release of its new gaming keyboard, the SteelSeries 7G. The keyboard, designed with 18-karat gold-plated mechanical switches, sets new industry standards for advanced key combinations and Actions-Per-Minute (APM). This translates into quicker reaction times and stronger results.

The SteelSeries 7G keyboard sets a new industry standard for gaming keyboards by allowing users to perform at new levels with advanced key combinations. Utilizing a powerful PS/2 buffer-system created specifically for gaming, the SteelSeries 7G keyboard eliminates “anti-ghosting" by supporting as many simultaneous key press commands as there are keys on the keyboard. What this does, for example, is allow users in a first person shooter game to walk, crouch, aim, fire and check the scoreboard simultaneously. Traditional keyboards do not allow this much functionality all at once.

The keyboard was built specifically to offer gaming-grade response times as well as an unmatched durability with a switch lifetime of 50 million operations, which is 10 or more times the lifespan of a typical “membrane" keyboard which has a maximum of 1-5 million total keystrokes in a lifetime.

“Professional gamers demand top quality equipment that provides durability and quicker response times," said Bruce Hawver, CEO of SteelSeries. “The time that we've invested into working with literally hundreds of gamers to design the SteelSeries 7G keyboard has resulted in a device that will truly change the way you play, limiting gamers only by their skill level - not their equipment."

The SteelSeries 7G keyboard is equipped with audio ports for headphone-out and microphone-in and includes a two port USB hub. With both PS/2 and USB connectors, the keyboard features the compact SteelSeries Media Controls, an essential gaming element that allows the user quick access to volume, muting and other audio controls.

Recognizing the importance of high-performance PC gaming equipment, professional Counter-Strike player, Franz "mouz/gore" Burghardt, said that,

“SteelSeries creates top quality gaming gear that helps players perform at their best. The 7G has taken gaming keyboards to a whole new level by eliminating anti-ghosting and increasing the response time, which is so important for first-person shooter games. It's a tool I can rely on even on a professional level."

Franz Burghardt and his teammates from mousesports recently won the ESL Masters championship at CeBIT in Germany, beating the best teams in the world and winning $50,000 USD.

The mechanical tactile system is ergonomically designed to ensure ease-of-use, and the no-click switches and iron-infused plastic make the SteelSeries 7G keyboard both comfortable and durable for professional or competitive gamers.

The new SteelSeries 7G keyboard, with an MSRP of $149.99 USD, is available for purchase at,,, and on the SteelSeries Web site at

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2008-05-07 09:19:31
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