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Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia, released in Japan as Ar tonelico: The Girl Who Keeps Singing at the End of the World (アルトネリコ世界の終わりで詩い続ける少女, Aru toneriko Sekai no Owari de Utai Tsuzukeru Shōjo) is a role-playing video game developed by Gust Corporation for the PlayStation 2 and originally published by Banpresto in 2006. There are other media releases based on the game, including the manga Ar tonelico -arpeggio-, the anime OVA Ar tonelico, and several drama CDs. At E3 2006, Nippon Ichi Software America (NIS America) announced that it would pick up Ar tonelico, with an expected release date on October 31, 2006. However, that release was delayed until February 6, 2007 to provide more time for localization. The European version was released by 505 Games on May 22, 2007. However, it was released in very limited quantities only in France, Italy, and Spain and as such European copies of the game are rare and the very existence of the PAL version remained widely unnoticed. A sequel tiled Ar tonelico II: Sekai ni Hibiku Shōjo-tachi no Metafalica which was released in Japan in 2007, was in the United States as Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica in 2009. A second sequel, Ar tonelico III: Sekai Shūen no Hikigane wa Sōjo no Uta ga Hikum was released in 2010 and in North America as Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel in 2011.

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