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Aquapazza: Aquaplus Dream Match21 Wallpapers & Game Cheats

Aquapazza: Aquaplus Dream Match (アクアパッツァ アクアプラスドリームマッチ, Akuapattsa Akuapurasu Dorīmu Matchi) is a 2011 2D arcade fighting game developed by Examu. It is a joint collaboration between Aquaplus and Leaf, who developed all the titles and featured characters. The "Dream Match" in the title references the characters of the game coming together from various Aquaplus titles, including Utawarerumono, Tears to Tiara, and To Heart. The game was released in Japan on June 22, 2011, with a PlayStation 3 version later released on August 30, 2012, followed by a U.S. release on November 19, 2013. Two updated Japan-only versions called Aquapazza Version 1.5A and Aquapazza Version 2.0 added several new characters. Aquapazza and Version 2.0 were among the featured titles at the 2011 and 2012 Tougeki tournament.

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