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Animation Throwdown is a free-to-play card game available on Google Play and the App Store that combines content and characters from 5 cartoon universes from FOX – Family Guy, Futurama, American Dad!, Bob's Burgers and King of the Hill. Gameplay consists of playing cards drawn from a virtual deck from the player's hand to fight against game characters and other users. The player starts the game by picking one of five starting heroes, from a selection of one character from each show. Starter Deck Choices are: Bob (Bob's Burgers), Roger (American Dad!), Brian (Family Guy), Leela (Futurama) and Bobby (King of the Hill). The game was released by Kongregate in 2016. Once play begin, you automatically start a tutorial, where you have to fight Peter Griffin. The game is played using a virtual deck of 25 cards from which the player draws five into your virtual "hand". The player must play either character cards or object cards. Once a character card is played on a correct object card, or vice versa, a combo will take place, combining the two cards into a more powerful one.

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