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And Yet It Moves is a platform video game developed by independent developer Broken Rules. The game was released for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux on April 2, 2009, and a Wii port was released on the Wii Shop Channel in August 2010. And Yet It Moves was originally designed as a computer science project at the Vienna University of Technology in 2007. When the original prototype won or was nominated for awards at various independent game festivals, the team decided to create a full version of the game. And Yet It Moves focuses on moving the player character through a series of hazardous environments. The player possesses the ability to freely rotate the entire game world, transforming walls into floors and vice versa. The game's levels and puzzles are designed around this concept. The game features paper collage styled visuals designed by Jan Hackl and a beatboxing soundtrack performed by Christoph Binder. Both the PC and WiiWare versions of the game received positive reviews, with many critics applauding the gameplay mechanics and the visuals. And Yet It Moves was also released as part of the third Humble Indie Bundle.

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