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Amnesty - the game is a serious game created in order to support Amnesty International efforts to worldwide abolish the death penalty. The game is a volunteer project, created from Hellenic Game Developers Association (HGDA) members in collaboration with Amnesty International - Greek Section. The game focuses on six key countries that still retain the death penalty (United States, China, Mongolia, Belarus, Saudi Arabia and Iran). The user takes the role of a special Amnesty International agent that must coordinate actions and resources in order to convince the public opinion and the government of each country to abolish the death penalty. In each of the six countries, a death row inmate awaits execution and the user must abolish the death penalty on time. While playing, the user can find information about Amnesty International actions around the world and how he can help to worldwide abolish the death penalty in the real world. The game plays on any web browser and on Facebook.

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