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Airfix Dogfighter is a 2000 flight-combat video game for Microsoft Windows; developed by Unique Development Studios and Paradox Entertainment, published by EON Digital Entertainment, it was released in late 2000 in North America and Europe. 15 planes are at the players' disposal to reenact World War II in a 1950s home. The game is based on the popular Airfix brand of plastic models. Airfix Dogfighter lets players pilot detailed, miniature versions of World War II aircraft through a large, 3D-rendered house. Fly for the Allies or the Axis powers, each with a home base in a different room of the house. Dogfights take place in the yard or throughout a house full of curios, knick-knacks, canisters, and decorations, many of which can be destroyed and which contain special power-ups.

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