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About Us

A Call to Arms (CTA Games) is a Non-Profit organization founded on April 11, 2006. CTA Games primary goal is to provide an alternative to highly structured clan plan and the highly unstructured pub play to many PC games available. Currently CTA Games offers two Tournaments Victory In Europe and Eastern Crisis. As the community grows we will be able to bring in more tournaments.

All CTA Games tournament offer two main registrations options FREE (random division placement) and Donate 2 Choose a Division. This allows those who love to play but can't afford to pay to join a tournament do so and also allows CTA Games to finance the cost of the game server, hosting, and voice servers.

CTA Games Staff

Position Name
Administrator Moose[Dog]
Administrator ScubaShark
Administrator nobleclem
Administrator Ozzerer
Administrator HolyWarrior


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