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99 Spirits (Japanese: 九十九神, Hepburn: Tsukumogami) is a puzzle role-playing video game developed and published in Japan by TORaIKI in July 2012 for Microsoft Windows. It was localized and published in English by Fruitbat Factory on May 31, 2013 after a successful crowdfunding campaign. Two pieces of downloadable content, featuring side-stories presented in a visual novel format, were released in 2014 and 2015. The story takes place in medieval Japan, and focuses on Hanabusa, a girl who seeks to avenge her mother's death by fighting evil spirits. By using the gems embedded in her sword, she is able to find clues to the spirits' names; players need to correctly identify the spirits to be able to harm them. By acquiring more gems, players are given access to more abilities; one such gem allows players to capture spirits and use their abilities in battle and when solving puzzles. Reception of the game has been varied, ranging from negative to highly positive, with reviewers generally appreciating the art, sound, presentation, and inventive gameplay, while criticizing the plot, level designs, and repetition.

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