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Reunion Tournament #1 Registration

Come one come all to Victory In Europe's first reunion tournament.

Registration is now open: go now ... really

For details see Scuba's announcement:

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2012-03-03 13:17:40
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TS3 Test Server

Hi everyone

There could be some eager beavers with checking out TS3. I have a server running however it could go down if I want to test something. Or it could go down because it crashed.

I have setup the server so that its basically has the same setup as out TS2 server. I have also added a Test Channel group and have putt a few codec options from the default to max. Let me know what you guys think of each.

Download TS3 Client:

Server IP:
Server Port: 9987

Also when you guys test the different codec channels if going to a higher quality doesn't make a difference then don't pick the higher one for the hell of it.

- No channel commander (whisper to channel family)
* The TS Team has said they plan to add this during the beta period.

- Channel Password is not inherited to sub-channels (the TS Team has mentioned this will be fixed in a future build. So for now we will just have to enter the password the first time entering each protected channel)

As a work around users could create a whisper group that includes the reinforcements and battle channels. The downside to this is that everyone in those channels would hear the whisper chat instead of just the channel commanders. I don't see any work around at this time.

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2009-12-19 21:49:58
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Domain reaquired:

For all of those who were with us under there was a long wait as after the previous owner who loaned it to us let the domain expire some stupid domain squatter sat on it for a while and we were unable to acquire it.

I just happened to come across it in some code of mine and decided to check it out and it was available again. Well I snagged it. Currently it just redirects to

If it doesn't work for you your DNS just needs to update.

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2009-12-15 23:02:41
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Forum Upgrade

I have completed the forum upgrade. There are still some lingering display issues.

Known Issues:
All known issues have been fixed

Fixed Issues:
- Whos online (not displaying names) (might be just a temp issue)
- Images in post are not being reduced in size
- Auto login after you close your browser (might have to logout/login again to fix)
- Forum permissions (this should be reconfigured properly now)
- Avatars small
- PM notification (broken?)
- Mark Forums Read (broken)
- Text color on font/text size menus in message editor

Please post if you have any issues not in this list or not posted. I will try to keep this thread updated with known issues and fixed issues.

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2009-12-13 13:58:55
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Spam Bots

Right now we have been seeing a few spam bots come through. As many have done just report the post and and admin will nip that bot in the butt.

Currently we are deleting the post, banning them, and clearing out their profile (usually they have something in their sig).

I am investigating solutions to stop them. This may require upgrading the forums where I need to finalize a few things with upgrading us to the latest version of MyBB and alternate captcha's during account registration. If it gets bad enough we will just go to admin approvals until we find a solutions helps.

Thanks again for helping us keep the community clean.

I have banned the following IP ranges (121.*.*.*, 122.*.*.*, 123.*.*.*). These IP ranges are from India where the latest few spam bots have been coming in from. If you are legitimate and within this IP range please try to contact one of the admins by the forums (if it will let you) or using TeamSpeak on battle days.

Update 2:
So yea... the banned ip ranges is not working right now. It will work when I upgrade the forums. Until then I will keep an eye on new registrations.

Update 3:
The new should now be handling these IP ranges.

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2009-12-08 15:25:23
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